To protect our Wildlife we must conserve our Wilderness and for our Wilderness to be meaningful our Wildlife must be able to roam free within it.
Study sites

Site Summary

The Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust works towards conservation of Sri Lanka’s  wild spaces via conservation of the islands apex predator, the leopard. Our research and conservation efforts are island wide. Our sites are within varied habitat types currently including arid forests (Yala NP), monsoon dry zone forests (Wanni jungles, Ritigala, Wilpattu NP, Gal Oya) mid montane forests (Dunumadulawa, Kandy), montane forests (Agrapbopats, Peak Wilderness) and cloud forest (Horton Plains NP).  Our main reasons for working in such wide habitat ranges is to better understand the land-use patterns of our leopard subspecies; their habitat preferences and adaptability in different habitat types; and to study their diet and prey preference in different areas of the country.  It is only by gaining this knowledge that targeted conservation action plans can be achieved. 

Picture11111.jpg Nothern Forest Nothern Forest Nothern Forest Dunnumadalawa Forest Dunnumadalawa Forest Duckwari Forest Horton Plains National Park Yala National Park Yala National Park
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