To protect our Wildlife we must conserve our Wilderness and for our Wilderness to be meaningful our Wildlife must be able to roam free within it.
Education & Awareness

This project is a vital component of the Trust’s work. If wilderness and wildlife are to be conserved in Sri Lanka then it is the people of the nation that must actively contribute towards this conservation. There is a limit to what governments, scientists and conservationist can do without the implicit support of the public. Sri Lanka has a proud history replete with a strong conservation ethic that bodes well for the future, however economics and wilderness preservation are increasingly at odds and both specialized education and public awareness are necessary to maintain this ancient perception of nature’s importance.

The main thrust of this project is to make known to the public how their actions and decisions impact on wildlife and wilderness areas. It is a two-fold project with Education focusing on training of rangers, forest guards and students on the importance of research for conservation and the necessary techniques needed to understand populations and ecosystems from a scientific perspective. Awareness concentrates on sharing this information with people and helping them understand the short and long term cascading cause and effects of practices such as poaching, land clearing and infringement of wilderness areas.

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