• Nimalka Sanjeewani

Becoming a Panther

My journey to becoming a Panther Diploma holder…

It was a great surprise to hear I was selected as one of the panthers (what they call the newcomers of the WildCru Diploma program) for the WildCRU 2017 International Wildlife conservation practices Diploma program. I was socked with that news and I’m so happy to engage in this programme because it is a great opportunity for me as a young researcher.

I was selected as a WWCT team member and put forward by Dr. Andrew and Ms Anjali for this programme to be a part of the WildCRU diploma programme. In total nine people were selected from different countries and different cultures.

I am very happy to say that it is due to the support given by Ms. Anjali and Dr. Andrew (who are the co-principle researches of the WWCT) and their encouragement to me to engage in this diploma as a part of WWCT that allowed me this opportunity and they continue to give me a big support up to date.

Wildlife Conservation Research Unit is a part of the Oxford University Zoology department. WWCT is now collaborating with WildCRU and this is why I got this opportunity.

They already direct us through a few different modules under research methodology and data analysis. Different software and methodologies, workshops and field works are mixed in with different personal experiences to teach us about biodiversity Conservation of the planet.

Each diploma member is named after an animal and I was given the snow leopard as my animal. I just began my diploma and I know this is a great experience for me to enhance my knowledge on the conservation path and conserve biodiversity.

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