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  • Jonathan Gnanapragasam

Interning with WWCT

I chose to do my practical training component University internship from Deakin University, Australia at WWCT. Wanting to learn hands on what research and conservation entails I felt that some time spent with WWCT would give me an insight into this. I was thankful to be accepted and given the opportunity.

Many hours were spent cataloguing camera images from a closed population survey conducted in Wilpattu National Park prior to my arrival. I got to see many interesting species up close and learn about identifying them and also many fabulous images of leopards. I was also given a short training in scat analysis for diet composition analysis. Prior to going into the field I was trained on identification of leopard signs and prey signs as well as on the use of GPS.

I was also happy to contribute towards translation work for an on-going awareness pamphlet on Living with Wildcats. I was lucky to be sponsored by WWCT to attend the Wildcats of Asia Symposium that was held in Colombo and gladly kept notes on the proceedings for the final report.

It has been a great learning experience for me and I am thankful to WWCT for the guidance and interest shown throughout.

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