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My experience with WWCT - Briony Key

Working with the Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust was an incredible experience in which I learnt so much in preparation for my upcoming Master’s.  Studying in three very different research sites (Gal Oya, Dunkeld Conservation Research Station and Sigiriya) gave me an insight into Sri Lanka’s various landscapes and the effects that this has upon biodiversity.  Alongside WWCT’s intern, Maddy, I aided in the research of prey abundance for leopards, using camera trapping, sand trapping and transect work.  Camera trapping was new to me when I arrived two months ago however I now feel confident in my abilities and excited to push forward with my studies.  Moreover, I was able to interact with some very kind and enthusiastic individuals who offer their support to WWCT.  The owners, managers and individuals working at all three sites made considerable efforts to help with our work in any way possible whilst offering kindness at all times.  Anjali and Andrew immediately welcomed me as part of the team and made such an effort to show me what Sri Lanka had to offer.  They began showing me the ropes by taking me to the Sigiriya study site where I was able to witness their expertise first hand.  When it came to research, they taught me valuable skills that will come into practice in the future.  They also allowed me the opportunity to write several brochures, flyers and website entries which were later published and printed for the Trust.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone with a background in conservation looking to further their skills and learn from experts who express their passion for their occupation on a daily basis.  It has been an experience unlike any other and I feel privileged to have shared it with everyone involved.

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