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  • Maya Situnayake

Till Next Time...

January was very busy, with a rush to collect the last data before leaving in a couple of short weeks back to the Netherlands. I know now that time management and proper scheduling is vital for a researcher! It all turned out alright in the end but it was an important lesson to learn. I also finally saw my first leopard after months of field and lab work – this was when I joined WWCT on a short monitoring trip to Wilpattu National Park. One was a wonderful sighting of a female walking down a jeep trail – she was so undeterred by our presence, it seemed that the leopards of the park were getting quite used to visitors! I also had a quick introduction of how prey transects are performed. It was a wonderful way to end five months with WWCT. Back in wintery Amsterdam as I write this - I miss it all so much. Thank you WWCT for the wonderful experience, and I hope to work together with you in the near future.

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