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Established in 2004 the WWCT is a Sri Lankan registered Trust and has worked under the Department of Wildlife Conservation Sri Lanka (DWC) permit for the past 17years.  The WWCT was preceded by The Leopard Project which was started in 2000 and now incorporated within WWCT. We have also when necessary worked under Forest Department permit.  Our founding trustees and primary researchers are husband and wife zoologist and ecologist Dr. Andrew Kittle and Anjali Watson who apart from researching the leopard have also worked on other species (primates, sloths, martens, wolves, lions, hyenas) across habitats (Panama canal island forests, Costa Rica, Canadian boreal forest, Serengeti Tanzania).


Anjali and Andrew checking data in the field

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The Wilderness & Wildlife Conservation Trust

130 Reid Avenue , Colombo  04, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 11 2589468/+94 773 544 382


Another Black leopard Death in Deniyaya

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