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5-Nov 2nd, 3rd 

WILDCATS OF SOUTH ASIA SYMPOSIUM 2015 Distribution and Resource Selection of an Endangered Apex Carnivore Across its Island Range – the Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) in Sri Lanka. The influence of intra-guild competition on leopard ecology and behaviour: a case study in Yala National Park, Block I, Sri Lanka. Leopard ecology in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. 

Mount Lavinia, Colombo 

2014- July 

Representatives of the Chinese Branch of the Nature Conservancy in Ulpotha 

Near Anuradhapura in the North-Western 

2016-October 18th 

The ecological and economic value of natural forests in relation to the Sri Lankan leopard. In: International Research Symposium Proceedings for Valuation of Forest Ecosystems and their Services. (Kittle, A.M.,A.C. Watson, S.A. Cushman and D.W. Macdonald) 

The Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment, Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

2016-March 15th 

Dick Oya Area Planters Association AGM 





Target Group


27th October, 2014 

University Students 

University of Peradeniya, Biology Club 

28th December, 2011 

University Students and staff 

Sri Lanka Sabaragamuwa University, Faculty of Applied Sciences 

November, 2011 

University Students 

Moratuwa University, Nature Club 

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