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No part of this website, either in part or full (written and photographic) can be reproduced without the prior written consent of the authors.

If the information is being cited from this website please reference as below.​

For general citation of web site Project pages: 

For specific citation of an article:

Please site authors, date, name of article and publishers (if published) appropriately for each reference. 
This information can be found at the top or bottom of the relevant article.

We encourage all users to utilize this site as a source of information and in so doing to use it appropriately.

3rd party images

Copyright to any 3rd party images we are using in the website is owned by the original owner of the image or the photo. We are thankful to the following list of photographers and designers for the contribution they have made. 


  • Anskar Lenzen-Against the light Photography

  • Ann & Pascal - Animal360


  • Andrew Kittle

  • Gehan de Silva Wijeyratne

  • Riyaz Carder

  • Noel Rodrigo

Other images

  • Wellington Perera

  • Designers from The Noun Project

    • Icons Producer

    • Smalllike

    • Chameleon Design

    • Maxim Basinski

    • Alice Noir

    • @daosme

    • Rafael Farias Leão

    • Min Jang​

Thank You
The Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust


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