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Jungle Cat

Education and Awareness

JUNGLE CAT (Felis chaus)

© Priyantha Kumara
© Priyantha Kumara

The size of a large house cat, with a pale brown colouring, its distinguishing feature is its tufted ears. It is long limbed with a short tail. Not much is known of this cat in Sri Lanka but it is thought to be a good climber and is found in forested areas with dense cover and riverine habitats. Although small prey forms its diet it is strong enough to bring down an axis deer fawn. 

Distribution:  Found throughout Sri Lanka.  Internationally it has a wide but patchy distribution from Egypt to south west Asia to Central and tropical Asia; the Caspian region and the Caucuses of Europe. 

Status: Near Threatened (National Conservation Status); Least Concern (Global Conservation Status)

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