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Nocturnal Life

Education and Awareness


Education Centre / Forest Entrance

Nocturnal Activity 

As part of our continued emphasis on education and awareness, we produced a poster for the Dunumadalawa education centre displaying a series of night-time camera trap photographs of the resident mammalian wildlife.

The photos were all captured during our 2003-04 initial field work in the forest reserve and each is paired with a brief caption detailing basic aspects of the ecology of the photographed species.

As the Dunumadalawa forest reserve plays host to over 1000 students on school day trips every year, we felt this was an excellent opportunity to provide insight into the nocturnal behaviour of some of the species commonly found in the forest.


The reserve’s education centre also has a variety of photos, pamphlets and resource books as well as a number of specimens on display.

The importance of forest patches such as Dunumadalawa and the regeneration potential of degraded/estate land that it exemplifies is something that needs to be highlighted. It is an ideal example of how quickly and with little effort forests can regenerate in tropical ecosystems such as those found in Sri Lanka, allowing for the return of wildlife as well as top predators such as the leopard.

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