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Poster Campaign


Poaching of the leopard as well as its prey species is on the rise, resulting in the depletion of food resources for this top carnivore. Awareness around this issue needs to be heightened in order for poaching to be seen as a serious threat to the destruction of Sri Lanka’s wildlife populations.


Am I next?

This poster is aimed at heightening awareness regarding the threat of illegal wildlife poaching. We are intent on raising the issues of poaching and the damaging ramifications that it has. If incoming tourists see visible signs upon arrival within the country or at tourist destinations that wildlife poaching is illegal and is an issue being taken seriously by the government, it will discourage any thoughts of participating in this venture. Too often ignorance is cited as an excuse for undertaking illegal activities so the hope is that by reducing the ignorance we may be able to reduce the poaching activity.

Stop Poaching.

This poster concentrates on giving a little more specific information with regards to poaching and its resultant effects on wildlife populations. It is in all of the three languages spoken within Sri Lanka and is distributed throughout the island especially in border areas, schools and buffer villages.

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